2013 Holiday Gift Guide: 50 Things To Buy And Wish For This Season


Chances are, the thought of Christmas shopping gives you hives. And if it feels like the holiday season has started earlier than ever this year, it’s because it has and we said that last year. We weren’t even finished handing out candy corns when the first Christmas commercials and Mariah jingles started ringing out.

By the time you’re actually ready to start holiday shopping, you’ve already been inundated with, like, 4,526,931 Christmas ads. So it’s almost impossible to figure out what to buy and what you want. Make your Christmas a little merrier this year and browse VIBE’s 2013 Gift Guide, filled with smartphones, apparel, games and something for everyone on your list, including yourself, ’cause like Drake said, you deserve it.

Compiled by Chris Yuscavage and Mike Dawson