36 Things Your Man Wishes He Could Be in Beyonce’s Videos [Gifs]


Beyonce Gif

Beyonce is every mans—and womans—fantasy. Her sex appeal not only lies in her physique, but also in her business savvy, music making ambitions. While women are yearning for a Jay and Bey relationship, men only care to find their Yoncé. With her latest self-titled album the mother of one reassured everyone that Jay Z is in fact the luckiest man in the world.

As much as your man may deny his inner beehive credentials, he will openly drool over the queen and her recent 17 videos will be on heavy rotation, for obvious reasons.  Jump the page to see the 36 things your man wishes he could be a stand-in for Bey’s music videos. 

This car she danced on top of in ‘Blow’ music video.