5 Reasons to Play Today’s Mega Millions Worth $636 Million

Mega Millions Lottery Jackpot Rises To $550 Million

Mega Millions has reached a record breaking high. After last weeks jackpot that nobody won, the monies rose to $636 million (and rising). The only other recorded lottery to be won that high was March of 2012’s $656 million but with tickets sales at a rapid rate, this current lottery stake is projected to surpass last years winning amount.

Because of October’s vast revamp of the game, the odds of winning are harder and in turn the money bank continues to rise with the likely chance of superseding any amount ever seen by Mega Millions and Powerball. It’s predicted that if no one’s rewarded today’s prize it’s pass the $1 billion mark on Christmas Eve.

Currently, players have a 1 on 259 million chance of winning which is slim but just imagine how life altering this would be if you won the record-breaking money pot? If you’re unsure on why you should play, jump the page to see 5 reasons why it’s worth your money and if you win, just remember who persuaded you to play.

Photo Credit: Getty