7 Creative Ways To Upgrade Your Christmas Dinner

If your family is anything like my family, the men do the heavy loading–carrying dishes, moving furniture, and watching the game–while the women decorate and cook the food. My uncle is the glue behind our holiday dinners, he turns any location into a party for the fabulous and chic while never losing sight of the most important part of the holidays: family. Each year we work on new ways to involve all parties in my family so that the men aren’t only entertained by the Christmas games and the women aren’t just slaving in the kitchen until dinner time.

With Christmas dinner right around the corner, you’re probably scrambling trying to finish up your last minute holiday to-do list while trying to add fun to your holiday dinner. Don’t worry, from a mashed potato bar to holiday game list, we’ve got you covered.

Head over to VIBE Vixen for different ways to ignite your family’s enthusiasm during the holidays.