Acting Alongside Leonardo DiCaprio Is On 50 Cent’s Wishlist

During a sit-down with Rachael Ray to promote his new fitness book “Formula 50,” 50 Cent revealed that his top acting goal is to work alongside Leonardo DiCaprio. He shared that he was able to attend a private screening of DiCaprio’s latest film The Wolf of Wall Street and briefly chat with his dream co-star. “He was like in there with me,” he admitted with a big grin. “I was like ‘This is really cool’…I’m on his fan list right now.”

Aside from briefly stanning over DiCaprio, 50 also talked about the phone chat with Robert De Niro leading to an appearance in the recently released Last Vegas, which stars DeNiro, Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglas and Kevin Kline. “It was one of those things like—I don’t know, to me when he talks on the telephone it feels like—I seen him in a lot of movies, but it’s like the guy from like Goodfellas,” he said.

Watch the entire interview on Rachael above.