Alec Monopoly Goes From Climbing Walls to Hosting Yacht Parties

No one knew about Alec Monopoly’s art a few years back, but these days he is heralded as one of the biggest names in street art. His use of the Monopoly Man to explain today’s economical climate has made him one of the most sought after street artists. But there are two sides to Monopoly. While more and more galleries pick up on Monopoly’s work, Monopoly doesn’t think he’ll be leaving his street roots anytime soon.

“Street art can’t be replicated, you know,” Monopoly told VIBE at Samsung’s Man Overboard party, which he hosted on a yacht outside Miami’s Fontainebleau Marina during Art Basel 2013. “When you’re in the streets, you’re looking around for the cops, you’re on edge, so those emotions will never be brought up when you’re in the gallery.”

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