Armin Van Buuren’s Highlights Of 2013


2013 has been quite a year for the Dutch DJ/Producer Armin Van Buuren, with sold out tours, hit singles, hit weekly radio shows, and now a Grammy Nomination. But over it all Armin says the highlight of his year was the birth of his second child Remy (aww). Here’s what the family man had to say about his other highlights of 2013:

“The fact that my son Remy was born, that was the biggest highlight and then of course playing for the newly crowned King and Queen of the Netherlands was pretty special. The success of ‘This Is What It Feels Like’ for me it was kind of unexpected, I really didn’t see that one coming it felt really great though. Selling out the A State Of Trance 600 Tour was massive. Playing at Madison Square Garden was definitely a highlight and recently the Grammy nomination. I mean, who could have thought?”

With the Grammy Ceremony coming on January 26th 2014, Armin also spoke about the prospect of winning in his category for Best Dance Recording:

“I don’t even dare to dream. There’s a lot of competition between those five tracks, I think all the other tracks are really great too. I guess there’s nothing higher than that, it’s like winning an Oscar but then for music. It would be a dream come true if that would happen.”

Catch Armin in his upcoming Armin Only Intense Tour in 2014, Armin promises to bring more theatrical dance experiences, great visuals, an array of artists, dancers and acrobats, as well as the premiere of two brand new tracks. Check out the trailer below.

Photo Credit RayShotMe