Artist To Watch: Shilpa Narayan Is A ‘Renegade’ Singer


Singing for all the ladies, this triple threat artist Shilpa Narayan makes a stand for female empowerment with her new single ‘Renegade’.

In partnership with Myspace, Shilpa’s new video shows the singer/songwriter in the Mojave Desert fighting back against an oppressive sheriff and breaking free from a colorless world into a world of color. Set against an upbeat, progressive instrumental Shilpa sings, “I don’t follow convention, but isn’t that the point now, I am my own dictator”, bringing out the revolutionary in all of us.

Shilpa has opened for the likes of Waka Flocka, Wale and Culture Shock, has performed internationally to thousands of eager fans and has over a million YouTube hits so far. VIBE predicts big things for this independent lady in 2014.

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