Best Rant Ever: Angry Knicks Fan Goes In


It’s hard to find a sports fan as passionate as those who cheer for the Knicks. Madison Square Garden saw new life last season, with writers and followers alike convinced that a new era in Knickerbocker basketball was upon.

What a difference a year makes.

Blame it on injuries, lack of chemistry or maybe they’re missing some of that Linsanity magic. Whatever the case, the Knicks aren’t looking to good and their fans aren’t happy, nor shy about revealing their true feelings, New York about the home team’s 6-15 start to the season. One fan decided to let his voice be heard virally, gifted the world with the most epic fan meltdown ever filled with both advice for current players, potential coaching targets and four letter words that are NSFW. Check it out below.

What’s even funnier than this rant? Despite the abysmal start to the season, the Knicks are only two games out of first place in the division.