The Best Vintage Rapper T-Shirts Worn By New School Rappers In 2013


90’s nostalgia continued to run rampant through the hip-hop industry in 2013 and everything from lyrics to clothing reflected it. Besides the high-end fashion shift – propelled by the likes of Kanye, GOOD Music and the A$AP mob — many artists that were influenced by that era chose to pay homage to their favorite rappers by plastering their mugs on to t-shirts.

LA based streetwear brand For All To Envy capitalized off of the trend, crafting tees with artwork depicting younger versions of Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Snoop Dogg, Ma$e and more hip-hop heroes. At $50 a shirt, the brand ultimately sold out of many of their styles – which also included tees with old school athletes. But of course, purists like Big Sean went for the vintage tees scoured from thrifts shops across the world. Classics like The Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac t-shirts still had their place in the game. Decades after their music catapulted the genre forward, rappers’ also live on through clothing.

Future style cues are hard to predict but vintage threads will always be in – especially if rappers vindicate the garbs (see: “Thrift Shop”). Earlier this year, VIBE caught up with Big Sean in Los Angeles to break down his infectious “Control,” track and we noticed that the Aura Gold founder was donning a t-shirt with No Limit Records CEO Master P on it — in the midst of a conversation about bringing back the “glory days” of rap.

Despite being a multiple offender, Sean isn’t the only culprit to cultivate the retro fad. Buckle up as we head back to the future in the gallery above.