7 Artists Who Should Drop A Surprise Album Like Beyoncé


Even though it’s been a few days now, we still can’t believe what Beyoncé was able to do on Friday morning. In this day and age where we seemingly know everything there is to know about artists—who they’re working with, what they’re working on, etc.—Beyoncé managed to record an entire album and release it on iTunes…without anyone knowing that it was going to happen.

Now that Beyoncé has done it, other artists will likely bite this anti-promo move. The element of surprise helped Beyoncé’s album tremendously and showed that releasing an album out of the blue can work. However, not all artists can pull off what Beyoncé just pulled off. Who would it work for? Here, 7 artists who should drop surprise albums like Beyoncé and give us heart attacks.

Photo Credit: Getty Images