Beyonce and Jay Z Complete Vegan Challenge



Beyonce and Jay Z have kept good on their word. After accepting a 22 day vegan challenge, the power couple completed their task on Christmas day. Beyonce and Jay Z made a proposal to eliminate meat and animal products from their diet for their challenge. It seems as though they were counting the days until it was over because Bey and Jay were spotted in Miami over the weekend and their food of choice was some seafood. The dynamic duo dined at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen in Norcross, GA and requested pappardelle, lobster risotto and seafood casserole.

While enjoying an evening out. they also bumped into singer Gloria Estefan with her family. She posted the picture to twitter with the caption, “Ran into the incredible @Beyonce & @Jay-Z post Dolphin game @ Sea Salt on the Miami River, sweet, Em was catatonic!”

Photo Credit: Twitter