Beyonce’s Back Up Singers Dish On Album Plans, ‘Mrs. Carter World Tour’ and Bey’s Work Ethic [Video]


What’s it like working with Beyonce? Just ask “The Mamas,” who sing backup for the megastar when she’s on the road. Crystal Collins, Tiffany Monique and Montina took a break from their rigorous tour schedule to talk with Hot 97’s Ebro about Bey’s crazy work ethic and her willingness to let them shine.

“We may work 16 hours that day but the crazy thing about B is, before we come in she’s there and when we leave, she’s still there.  And when we come in the next day, she’s there,” says Tiffany.

Despite 16+ hour days, the trio say the production crew is free of “scrubs” and everyone is “exceptionally talented.”

“It’s such a big production. We work on our vocals and then we get on stage and blend that together with the band then the dancers come on stage and we work on the actual production itself. So, there’s so many different components. Mamas do choreography, so we work on our choreography.”

Today, the singers are ready to take center stage with an album of their own and think their boss will be the biggest support.

“She’s not intimidated by talent. In fact she likes to showcase it like she know she’s confident and what she has to offer but she’s just as proud of the team behind her,” adds Tiffany.

Check out their entire interview above.
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