The Big List: VIBE’s Best 43 Albums Of 2013


Who didn’t drop an album in 2013? From emerging stars like Migos and Chance The Rapper to heavies like Eminem and Lady Gaga, the past 365 were pretty epic days for music fans. And as we prepare for the new year, it’s only right to look back on which discs were audio dopeness—and which ones were frisbees, to forever fade from our memory (that’s a whole ‘nother list).

In this year’s Albums of the Year list, you’ll find that there are some LPs that are seemingly out of place (as in released in 2012) and others that are conspicuously missing (as in released last week). We’re making like the Grammy’s this year and setting eligibility dates from December 1, 2012 – November 30, 2013, so you’re gonna have to wait ’til next year’s list to hail Beysus (but don’t stop listening/ogling).

So without further ado, VIBE’s 43 best albums of 2013. Have at it. —John Kennedy