Birdman: ‘Drake Down With The Team For Life’

Remember last summer when court documents leaked detailing Drake’s lawsuit against Cash Money Records? It was around that time that rumors started to bubble up about Drake wanting out of his YMCMB contract, but that noise was quickly quelled. Ever since, however, doubt has lingered: does Drake eventually want to separate from Wayne and Baby?

Recently, Baby spoke with Shade 45’s DJ Whoo Kid to set the record straight. On Drake originally signing:

“Drake was a fan before a friend. So he already was Cash Money Millionaire. And when opportunity came…I mean… maybe we put the most money on the table, which… that was my thing. I felt like he was a very talented young man and we saw a future with him. It was about him being comfortable. Drake made the decision at the end of the day. This is where he wanted to be. The money was there from the start but it was his decision.”

On rumors of Drake departing:

“Drake my little brother. I love him to death and he’s family. I know y’all hear all kinds of crazy shit. You can’t read none of that shit. Drake down with the team for life. He made that commitment when we did another situation, you understand me? So, I got nothing but respect for Drake and OVO camp. That’s family forever.”

On YMCMB artists branching out:

“Nicki emerge. Drake emerge. We support the emerge. We want them to do everything he done. He got the Nike. He got the Toronto Raptors. That’s what it’s about. It’s about you developing and becoming bigger. We all be bigger at that pernt. But if you got somebody not allowing you to be bigger, then it’s a problem and we don’t operate like that. We gon support you. We gon make sure the team support you. And we going to keep going, keep marching, and we gon get the next person to try to do that. And that’s how we been around for 22 years.”

via Smoking Section

Doesn’t sound like Drake is going anywhere anytime soon. — Max Weinstein