BK Nights: An Evening With Bridget Kelly

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You’re pretty unpredictable in fashion. You tend to play around with many great looks – but how do you describe your personal style?

I’m edgy. It’s true to who I am. I don’t think of myself as a rebel badass – I’m much more mysterious. I love to feel sexy. I’m a NYC chick, so I rock a lot of black.

Are you still in NYC or is home in L.A.?

It’s both places to be honest. Home is actually every airport in America. I’m literally all over the place. New York and L.A. are my two home bases and I have a home in both places.

Take us into your closet. What are some accessories you have to have before leaving the house?

I can’t leave the house without my nameplate and a bunch of rings. I like to be a little flashy. I’m kind of getting more into shoes as I get older. I was always more of a sneaker head.

And your closet would consist of mostly what brands?

Girl, I wear a whole lot of BCBG! I really love the collection; it really fits my body well, they’re classy and great transitional pieces for daytime and nighttime. Zara and Nike are a bit of an obsession as well – I usually wear it with the intentions of working out.