BK Nights: An Evening With Bridget Kelly


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Your tour life has been non-stop lately. First you opened up for Mary J. Blige and now having just finished up the EOS with Melanie and Elijah, dealing with balancing the craziness of fans, a career and overall life.  Who calms you down or gives you needed advice?

Mary J. Blige gave me sound advice on my last tour. She approaches every situation with a really dope level of respect and demands respect without being condescending. She’s very sure of herself, and extremely secure in what she thinks and her opinion. I really respect her. Her advice means everything.

What’s the fan experience been like on tour?

There’s been nothing too crazy to be honest. I had a little intimate listening of the new EP in NYC and Detroit and everybody responded well to all of the records. Everything on the EP is an individual piece of the story and it’s about this love affair – this relationship, that you’re not supposed to have, but you do. Fans really seem to be drawn to the story I’m telling, which is a great thing. My fans are followers of real music, and I’ve had their co-sign since early on.

You, Melanie, and Elijah seem more like family. So snitch—who’s the filthiest? The funniest? The biggest diva? 

As far as the diva and the one to take the longest, me and Melanie are both pretty equal. I chopped my hair off not too long ago, so it’s made things a bit easier. The funniest? Melanie and I are both really quick with it, clever, funny and laugh at the same stupid corny shit. I crack jokes sometimes and I get the look like, ” holy shit did she really just say that?.” Sometimes Mel will crack jokes and they’ll go over peoples heads.

But I would definitely say I’m the clown of the bunch. I’m more like the mean girl, and the bully. Elijah is more like the baby brother that gets picked on.