BK Nights: An Evening With Bridget Kelly

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As an artist, you run into fans all the time who can relate to you and your music, but who do you personally relate to musically?

It’s funny, there’s a meme going around saying, “Don’t Drake and drive or you’ll end up at your ex’s house.” It opens chapters that we as women don’t even want to think about and it’s in the back of our heads. Drake takes you there! A lot of what Drake sings about is an emotional connection. I love him as an artist.

I can just imagine the two of you harmonizing, crying over broken hearts on a record…

Definitely! I would love to work with Drake.

Listening to your new EP, it sounds like you’re in a new place with love.

I’m a lover of love, but a part of what comes with love is the heartbreak and drama. And I think there is a part of me that also loves that too. I think that’s something most people are not willing to admit, that I talk about on the EP. Love is always drama, love is always painful—at least the love that counts.