BK Nights: An Evening With Bridget Kelly

BK-4990 copy

When is the album dropping?

I have no idea.

Why has it been delayed?

It’s a number of things. I have a lot of songs that I wanted to include in the project  that I didn’t want to leave out. I didn’t want to just throw an album out there and not have a buildup; building up to the release of it so I felt releasing an EP was the best decision until then. With all the songs that I have I want to rope my fans in again and remind them that I’m working and there’s still multiple stories that need to be told. The new collection of songs is going to do that. It’s going to set the tone for the album next year.

Do you feel like you have any real competition in R&B?

I don’t feel like I have any competition in R&B. I’m honestly in a lane of my own. I think there are other women taht cater to the same genre but I’m telling a different story. There’s too much female ratchet. It’s catty and I wasn’t raised like that. I’m not interested in any girl drama. At the end of the day, my integrity is worth more to me than ten seconds of attention over bullshit.

We never hear your name in any R&B female beef.

I don’t engage in it at all. I’m not that girl