BK Nights: An Evening With Bridget Kelly


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A lot of your music talks about love. But balancing a busy schedule, do you actually have time for it?

I’m in a relationship right now and extremely happy and comfortable!

Where did the two of you meet?

I met him working at a hotel that I would stay at out in L.A. to record. He courted me and sent me flowers, food, wine and showed me chivalry; things a girl should be familiar with.

You sound like a girl in love! How in the world do you balance a relationship right now with all that’s going on?

Umm, you can say that! (laughs) And it’s always hard to balance my love in a relationship and the love for what I do. You gotta really love this industry shit to do it. I’m committed to the love that comes first – and that’s my job right now.

What keeps you so level-headed and humble?

I’m surrounded by real people. Maintaining really strong relationships with my team that I’ve been with since day 1 is what really reminds me of who I was beforehand, and who I need to be for my life to have purpose. It’s about recognizing that what I’m doing is greater and bigger than me. That’s a really important piece of maintaining who you are. It’s not about me, I’m serving a hire purpose.