BK Nights: An Evening With Bridget Kelly

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It’s no secret that you’re body is looking better than ever! Have you been changing up your diet and exercise regime?

It was a process of dieting and exercise. I have a trainer but I’m in love with Soul Cycle. It’s a really great cardio, high energy; the music is amazing and a total mind and body connection. I travel so much that I end up just snacking on cashews, peanuts, or granola bars.

What’s your secret to staying in shape while you’re on tour or just being always on the move?

Working out and dieting is definitely hard to maintain on tour. But don’t get it mistaken, I love to eat. It takes a lot of self control and even more discipline. Really more about diet and eating better than working out. When I’m stationed in New York, I’m working out four times a week. A lot of things have been in movement so there was no time this last week, so I haven’t worked out more than once. It always varies depending on the schedule, but it’s always hard to maintain.

I’m sure you had to change up your style with the weight loss.

As far as my dressing and personal style—I definitely had to change up with that. I’ve had to get rid of stuff I really loved, but it also helped me to try new things. I incorporate more heels and boots into my wardrobe now. I was always a huge sneaker head. I had to revamp my closet

You take a lot of fashion risks now. Looking back- any fashion regrets?

There’s probably a number of things, but it’s mainly if I show up to an event and it’s not as fancy or fancier than I thought. That always makes me cringe if I’m under-dressed for affairs, or overdressed. Like if I show up in a gown to an event that I could have worn sneakers to.