Brooklyn Nets Fan? Meet The Face Behind Their In-Court Entertainment


Petra Pope

Have you ever wondered who plans the music and the entertainment between plays during a basketball game? Basketball aficionado or not, we all appreciate the moment our favorite song hits the speakers after our team scores points.

The Brooklyn Nets are totally having a moment right now, and much of its success has a lot to do with Petra Pope. Petra, Senior VP of Event Marketing and Community Relations for Brooklyn Nets plays a huge role in bringing the Nets brand to life with dance teams, music, video production, costumes, lighting, and halftime entertainment. She oversaw entertainment during the Nets first season at Barclays Center, that welcomed up to 19,000 guests a day. And because she has home court advantage at Barclays, she gets to sit on the best concerts. Think: Jay Z, Alicia Keys and Justin Timberlake.

And did we mention she speaks fluent German and is a black belt in Karate? Yeah, we love her and she’s a total win-win. Read on to learn what really goes down behind scenes at the Barclays Center.

Photo Credits: Jasmine Gonzalez and Brooklyn Nets


VIBE Vixen: Tell us a little bit about what you do on the regular basis.

Petra Pope: I oversee three departments: game presentation, community and events. During games I’m usually in the back just going over my emails for events that might be coming up. Once a game starts I’ll just focus on timing, what’s coming out on the board, what’s coming out on the various cameras.

What happens during the planning process.

We go over scripts that are really detailed. It includes every thing that happens once doors open so every video that’s playing right now is scripted. It’s the entire show. From the music, videos, LED, we work with the building to make sure everything comes out as planned. We promote the next game and our sponsors. It’s all well-documented so no one has an excuse to say they didn’t know.