Brooklyn Nets Fan? Meet The Face Behind Their In-Court Entertainment


BrooklynettesAnd then game time!

Yes, game time starts at 7:33pm and then we start from there. Our basketball buddies come out and they’re the kids that stand in front of the players during the anthem. We have a live coverage of our color guard and the national anthem. Our Nets open video, which I love. I’m always proud of the open video. That’s what sets the tone for the game.

What happens if something goes wrong? Especially if children are involved?

Everyone’s on head-sets. The game director will say, ‘ok coming up to commercial break’ so everyone’s aware. He’ll call for the time out, then the kids will run out so the likelihood of them going over doesn’t happen. The kids are pre-trained so they’re told in advance once they join the team that if for some reason you’re out there and the music doesn’t start look up at the coach. He’ll give them a signal that means something happened upstairs and no music’s about to start.

Sounds like a well-oiled machine!

But that’s trial and error. That happened before and the kids were looking around like ‘what do we do?!’ so we learned we have to tell them look to the left.

Let talk more about the rundown of events.

The run-down changes every single game. The only thing that remains the same are the times in which they take place so you know that a quarter break is always a quarter break is always a quarter break.

Now if the game goes into overtime, then what?

The dancers know to watch the clock and if the score is near or close then they’ll take it to the back and they’ll run through a quick routine. They’ll alert the game director via the head set ‘next up’. We never say ‘overtime’ cause that would jinx the game! Everybody knows that next up means overtime. It’s one of those superstitions.

What are some of the new projects you’re implementing?

This year we have created our own Brooklyn Nets drum line. They’re Brooklyn kids aged 13- 16 years old and they play on the concourse at quarter break about 15 times a season.