Brooklyn Nets Fan? Meet The Face Behind Their In-Court Entertainment

Brooklyn NetsWhat are some of the things you tried that didn’t work or you had to tweak a little bit?

I think the main thing that we’re kind of always honing—and not that it doesn’t work—is choreography and tricks. I always tell them, if I’m bored with it, our season ticket holders are bored with it. And this season they’ve done an excellent job in keeping it fresh, adding props and adding stunts and adding tricks and that’s what differentiates us from everyone else.

I think we have great fans. The camera goes to them, they’re dancing, they’re into it. Again, we have a really diverse crowd so I think that’s the biggest challenge to make sure that we’re hitting every pocket and everyone’s happy while still maintaining the integrity of Brooklyn.

What are you looking forward to most this season?

Wins! What I look forward to the ongoing process of coming up with different elements that will make a difference. As an example, we found this great group that’s performing on Kids Day and they’re called Unlocking the Truth. It’s a kid’s rock and roll band from Brooklyn and they’ve performed a few places.

What are some of your challenges?

Budget is always a challenge. We’re challenged to do the best and to bring the best but it’s expensive. We also have to keep everyone’s happy from ownership to the young people to the not-so-young people.

Sounds like you have to stay in the know, too.

That’s why I drive to work and I live in Chelsea. So I’m used to the radio. We’re actually having another performance for Kids Day and they mentioned Becky G. I had no idea who that was until they played the song for me and I was like ‘yup I know who that is’ so she’s performing during halftime for our Kids Day as well so it’s stuff like that that keeps us relevant. I embrace my team. When they say: ‘Have you thought about this?’ I love it, let’s go for it. I empower them to be different and I empower them to challenge me. Not all my ideas are great so if you don’t think they’re great tell me and sometimes they’re right and I think that encourages them to be creative.