Chance The Rapper Drops ‘Social Experiment’ Tour Video

Roughly an hour before its release, Chance the Rapper hyped fans with the news that he’d be dropping #SocialExperiment at the stroke of 9PM CST on Saturday (Dec. 14). Along with the announcement came some trippy gif action, similar to Childish Gambino’s Because The Internet gif cover art that eventually stopped giffing.

“Right, please be a mixtape!!!” one fan wrote on Instgram. Others predicted that a tour video was in store, as Social Experiment hailed from the name of Chance’s current tour. Those people were right. You can watch the trippy footage below.

Chano has had a phenomenal 2013. He made his festival debut at Lollapalooza, was featured on a Justin Bieber track and teamed with Gambino for some music. His Acid Rap mixtape topped Rolling Stone’s Best Mixtapes of 2013 list, while SPIN named him their rapper of the year. Not bad for a 20-year-old kid from Chicago who hasn’t put out an official LP yet.