Is Chief Keef Signing With Adidas?

Adidas is certainly taking a risk by signing Kanye West but is the brand willing to endorse another troubled Chicago rapper?
Earlier this week, Chief Keef tweeted that he fancies the three stripes and would allow them to sponsor him.

“Finna gone head fuck with Adidas,” he wrote. “Let em sponsor me.”

Keef currently has no major endorsements but did collaborate with the upstart streetwear brand Been Trill earlier this year. The alleged partnership would add Keef’s name to a long list of hip-hop stars who have been associated with Adidas. Keef may not have proven his designer skills yet but at least he’s already thinking of the name Adigang for his signature shoes.

The “Don’t Like” rapper is currently prepping his third mixtape of the year, Bang pt. 3.