Clues We Missed on Beyonce’s Album & How She Kept it All Under Wraps



If you’re wondering just how exactly she was able to pull this whole thing off, a source recently explained to Us Weekly that “Beyonce decided several months ago to release her album in this way but she didn’t decide on this date until very recently, just a little bit ago,” adding that the “XO” singer had been contemplating a surprise January release date. “Now just felt right, especially on Friday the 13.” Everyone was sworn to secrecy as well. “Everyone agreed not to breathe a word or the plan would be ruined . . . One person leaking it would have destroyed the whole project. She wanted to reinvent the way we listened to albums. . . there was already so much interest in this project that it all built up perfectly. The few people involved that knew had to lie a little so it didn’t blow the whole thing. It was worth it.” It was definitely worth it as we find ourselves listening to this album on repeat and singing to every song. Looks like 2014 will be Beyonce’s year as well and we just can’t get enough.

Photo Credit: Getty Images