Cocktail Tease: Guilt-free Miami Cocktail Co.

Miami Cocktail Co.

Move over, Skinnygirl! There’s a new low-cal cocktail in the house. Actually, make that zero sugar, zero carbs, gluten- and sodium-free cocktails with a vintage twist! Miami Cocktail Co. is an innovative brand making bottled, ready-to-serve cocktails so healthy you won’t feel bad drinking them all night. The Miami Cocktail Co. takes an artisanal approach to crafting their unique bottled cocktails. The cocktails are crafted with organic ingredients and use a reverse osmosis water-filtration system. We’re not sure what that means, but the result is a cocktail with no preservatives, additives, or any artificial colors or ingredients. And they don’t sacrifice taste, either.

The Miami Cocktail Co.’s flavors include Original Margarita, Classic Mojito, Pink Lemonade and Passion Fruit Caipirinha, as well as the new Old Time Sweet Tea and Piña Colada, which are becoming available next week. We personally can’t wait to try them out, maybe with some friends on a Saturday night! Each flavor comes packaged in a cute, 1920s-inspired pop bottle you’ll want to display. Try a bottle for $14.99 here! They’ve just launched nationwide shipping.Jump the page to learn more about these exciting new cocktail flavors.

Credit: Courtesy Miami Cocktail Co.