The Craziest Rap Blog Headlines Of 2013

2013 has been one hell of a year for hip-hop. Aside from the chart topping hits and critically acclaimed albums, the rap blogs were also treated to boatloads of hilarious “news.” Ranging from embarrassing arrests, girlfriend drama, beef and everything else in between, hip-hop also provided us with some wild, crazy, and down-right outrageous stories. As the pulse of of rap news, the blogs are always the first one to inform us about the headlines that made us do double takes, twitter breaks and a while lot of laughing-out-loud. While some of these stories aren’t laughing matters, VIBE looked back at the most attention grabbing headlines from the past 6 months. We opted to leave the rumors off, so everything included is 100% true. This is VIBE’s craziest rap blog headlines of the past 12 months.