Dare To Listen: JBL Brings The Synchros S700 Experience To NYC

Onyx and glacier could have easily been words used to describe what the wintery New York City weather looked like this past weekend. Unless you were one of the select few that got hang out JBL’s Dare To Listen experience, hosted by PH-D at the Dream Downtown. With the winter wonderland as the backdrop, VIP guests were invited to the rooftop lounge to sip Ciroc and Heineken, while DJ Wonder and DJ D-Nice controlled the party’s tempo.

With the Dare To Listen experience already hitting Los Angeles and Miami, the good folks at JBL saved the best city for last to have The Big Apple’s best celebrated the release of the new Synchros S700 headphones. Equipped with JBL LiveStage technology, the S700‘s give the consumer a live music feel no matter where they are in chic black (Onyx) or White (Glacier) colorways.