Dave Chappelle Is A DJ On The Side?

From DMX and De La Soul on ‘The Chappelle Show’ to helping host and run his own Block Party with The Fugees, The Roots, and many more, Dave Chappelle has always been into music. Now Page Six is reporting that he’s more than just a fan. Apparently Dave has been doing DJ gigs here and there in the past couple of months.

On Christmas Eve, Chappelle visited the Chrystie Street whiskey bar Leave Rochelle Out Of It and eventually headed downstairs to the bar’s club. There he threw back a couple pickle back shots and then hooked his iPhone up to the sound system for an impromptu DJ set to the surprise of everyone there.

In Early December, Dave threw a party at a South Beach club called Wall, and he allegedly paid the staff to work after hours so he could continue to play songs and dance in the DJ booth. Pretty dope. — Max Weinstein

Via Page Six