Dave Matthews Forms A New Band Called ‘The Nauts’

Dave Matthews is striking out to form a new band with Jakob Dylan, Bob Dylan guitarist Charlie Sexton, drummer Brady Blade and his brother Will.

The new group will be called The Nauts and is set to perform live for the first time in Shreveport, L.A. as part of the Unscene! concert series. A biography on the Unscene! website gives some further details about the project:

“What started out as a fun project for Brady Blade to get some musicians together and jam—such as Dave Matthews, Jakob Dylan, Charlie Sexton and Will Sexton—has turned into a full-fledged band called The Nauts, and this newly formed group has been working on a forthcoming record. Blade, a rock/pop/country drummer, record producer, composer, and Blade Studios partner—along with Scott Crompton (executive producer and CEO) and mix engineer Chris Bell—is also a part of The Nauts, who recorded the new material in the Russ Berger-designed Studio A on a 48-channel SSL Duality SE. Other equipment of note includes Neve 1081 and API 512mic preamps; Universal Audio LA-2A compressors; and Telefunken 251, Mojave 300 and Royer R-122 mics. The Nauts produced the tracks, with Bell serving as engineer.”

Matthews is also allegedly working on a new album with the Dave Matthews Band. — Max Weinstein