Details Of Doe B’s Death Emerge


22-year-old Alabama rapper was tragically shot and killed yesterday (Dec. 28) and the Montgomery Police Department are slowly starting to put the pieces together.

Doe B, born Glenn Thomas, and Kimble Johnson, 21, were gunned down at the Centennial Hill Bar and Grill on Highland Avenue. The venue was closed after Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange said the “establishment poses an imminent threat to the public’s safety,” but details about any suspects have yet to be released. Six other people were rushed to local hospitals for gun wounds when shots went off around 1:30 AM, and AllHipHop believes that Doe B might have been set up.

Family members, affiliated artists, and people across the industry have been expressing their sadness over Doe B’s death via Twitter. Honor the man’s life and listen to his stellar mixtape, Baby Jesus, right here. Max Weinstein