DJ Spotlight: Avicii Protégé Syn Cole Will Reach Higher Le7els

Estonian DJ and producer Syn Cole, enlisted first by Tim Bergling for a debut release on Le7els, titled “April,” shot to the Beatport top 10, priming Cole for his own shot… at EDM superstardom. Cole returned to the label for a second release, “Miami 82.” The release features a double offering with a bouncy vocal edit as well as an edit by Avicii himself. Having recently unveiled an official remix of Avicii’s “Hey Brother,”which was premiered by Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1 (out December 20), Syn Cole is one acts to pay close attention to in 2014. Listen to his “Hey Brother” remix below and check out our head-to-head with the producer on the rise after the jump.

VIBE: Describe your sound in three words.
Syn Cole: Electro, funky & progressive.

How did you link up with Avicii?
Early 2012, I started sending some progressive house tracks to LE7ELS. The first few tracks weren’t really anything good, but after I finished ‘April’ they instantly liked it and got the track signed there. A few months later I had the opportunity to remix “Silhouettes,” that’s how it all started really.

Has he given you any career advice that stuck with you?
Not Avicii personally, but his manager Ash [Pournouri] has definitely given me a lot of advice indeed.

When did you start producing and how?
I started production on a more serious level back in 2007. Produced trance tracks on another alias for a few years, before I started to produce house music.

Are you planning on performing some live DJ sets soon?
Yes definitely! I’ve already had many big gigs this year during the summer, more to come in 2014.

New Year’s resolutions?
To release more original productions for sure!

What do you have planned for 2014 musically?
I’ve got a few originals finished. Then there is my remix of “Hey Brother,” which was just premiered by Pete Tong on Radio 1, to be released before Christmas. Feedback on this has been amazing so far! And I’m currently finishing a remix for a big name on Universal.