Even Diddy Can’t Help But Dance To Beyonce’s New Album (VIDEO)

Maybe you’re one of the people who bought Beyonce’s album and has watched its 17 music videos back-to-back, all the way through… more than once. Maybe you’re one of the people who just listens to “Drunk In Love” on repeat and then walks around randomly saying “surfboard” like you’re Beyonce. Or, maybe you’re like Diddy, who loves dancing to the album.

In an adorable clip he shared on his Instagram, Papa Revolt TV captured a moment where he put on his best choreography shoes and danced to King Bey’s “Grown Woman” with his young daughters, Jessie James and D’Lila Star.

“Beyonce’s album makes me feel like…” exclaims Diddy before falling to the ground as his little girls and friends giggle.