Exclusive: Little Mike And Bromance Records Give Away “Blurred Lines” Remix

Following the release of the latest Bromance #13 mixtape with Ateph Elidja and the ‘Time To Check In’ mix, Birdy Nam Nam member and scratch master, Little Mike is maintaining strong momentum with his latest remix of, Robin Thicke’s firecracker single, “Blurred Lines”.

Steady, mid-tempo rhythms, stomping bassy dub grooves and busy piano melodies comprise this one. Mike’s rap inspired techno flair adds an authentic Parisian gangsta vibe to the production.

Grab the download here and see an exclusive head-to-head between Little Mike and Sam Tiba after the jump:

For a couple of years now, Little Mike’s turntable lovin’ quartet, Birdy Nam Nam have been slaying their performances, but as Mike slowly makes the transition to his solo career he sat down with fellow Bromance compatriot and Club Cheval member, Sam Tiba to talk about his latest releases, DJing & music production, the state of music in France, Miley Cyrus and more. VIBE has the exclusive.

Sam: So Bromance#13 is your first solo release on a label…
Mike: Not exactly, I’ve already released a mixtape for Bromance in February.

Sam: Alright, but it’s the first time you released an original track ?
Mike: When all the tracks have been composed, produced and mixed by the same person, I think we can call it an original release ! (laughs)

Sam : So after that first mixtape in February, you released a track called “Mordedura” in December. Why did you want to launch your solo career at the end of 2013?
Mike: I’d rather say I had to feel ready. I still don’t know if I am today but I’ve decided to take the plunge. So here I am!

Sam: You started producing your own tracks this year ?
Mike: Actually, I’ve been producing music for several years..

Sam: But did you ever get that far in your past productions ? Reaching a point where you can say it’s finished and can be released?
Mike: Well, I’ve already been that far on some tracks but they weren’t that good and most of all, I wasn’t so confident.

Sam: So that’s confidence that changed things ? It’s not only a question of timing.
Mike: Yes, confidence and technique. It’s like I wanted to keep my virginity until my wedding night! (laughs)

Sam: You share Bromance#13 with Atpeh Elidja. Did you hear his track?
?Mike: It’s dope ! It fits perfectly with the aesthetic of the EP.

Sam: How would you define your track ? Rap? Techno?
Mike : It’s a fusion of both, which characterizes me well.

Sam: Are you going to play the track in your set ?
Mike: No, I can’t play my own tracks…

Sam: I understand, neither can I. As long as you’re not 2000% proud of it, it’s impossible. There are only one or two tracks, including “Eldoredo” that I’m really proud of. And one or two remixes. Because for each track I’ve produced, you can find better in the same genre, so I prefer play that track instead of mine. And for the moment, I feel I haven’t created something truly new, so we’ll see when it’s the case!
Mike: Oooh respect! (laughs)

Sam: I’ve heard you did a remix for Bromance : Blurred Line from Robin Thicke. Did you have the parts or the accapella?
Mike: I had a low quality version of the accapella but Brodinski, who has a long arm, managed to get me the official one (laughs)

Sam: Come on, admit you only signed on Bromance to get Robin Thicke’s accapella (laughs)
Mike: No! I only signed to meet Brodinski! (laughs)

You can read the entire conversation via Bromance Records’ tumblr page.

Catch Little Mike & Sam Tiba as they embark on 3 city tour in France this week for Nous Sommes 2014 alongside Brodinski, Gesaffelstein and many more. Tickets available here.