Far East Movement’s ‘Murder Was The Bass’ EP Steps Up The BPMs


From the band that brought us ‘Like A G6’ Far East Movement today released their new free EP Murder Was The Bass featuring Rell the Soundbender. West Coast rap veteran Kurupt is also featured on the album, lacing their EDM beats with his signature flow.

Far East Movement’s Kev Nish described how they met Kurupt through working with Snoop on past projects: “we thought how sick it would be to do something crazy reppin’ the West with Kurupt and here it is”. Murder Was The Bass continues the band’s full throttle approach to production following their Remix EP of their current single ‘The Illest’.

Known for collabs with bass music producers and talent spinners like Bingo Players but the crew from across the pond steps into full-in EDM territories on this album. Definitely one to check out for EDM fans.

Track One: Murder Was The Bass Feat Kurupt

Thumping bassline, club anthem guaranteed. Can get a little repetitive, but in a club setting I can see ravers wanting the DJ to wheel it back again and again. Not much vocal input, it could easily be remixed into a pop tune by adding a stronger vocal on top.

Track Two: Gangsta Boogie Feat Kurupt

“Gangsters don’t dance, they boogie!” Similar instrumental to Murder Was The Bass but with a heavier beat, giving it a more urban edge. This has the potential to be a twerking classic and definitely one to dougie to. The beat changes up repeatedly, renewing the energy of the production. Whichever dance moves take your fancy this is no doubt a track to boogie down to. Hip-hop heads will like this tune the best on the EP.

Track Three: Inglewood

Reppin’ the West Coast to the fullest, Far East Movement preach “only fuck with bad bitches’. You can hear elements of a sample from the Biggie classic ‘Big Poppa’, but turned up a notch into all the electronic craziness you’d expect from Far East Movement. So far this is the most fast paced track on the EP perfect for head bangers and mosh pits alike.

Track Four: The Illest (Rell The Soundbender Remix) Feat Riff Raff

Probably the most commercial track on the EP, Far East Movement add some spunk to the track with their rap verse and vocals, appealing to a wider audience. Fist pump away to the thrills and heavy bassline present on the track.