Fat Joe Plans To Release New Music After Prison Term Is Over

After spending nearly four months in a federal detention center in Miami, Fat Joe has circled Christmas Eve on his calendar to mark his official emancipation.
Until then, Joe will serve the rest of his bid in a halfway house. In his first post-prison interview, Joe spoke to REVOLT about his experience behind bars and the reaction he received upon his arrival.

“The first day I walked in, I was in the building so when they put me up to the floor I was gonna be in, like in the movie Lock Up, everybody’s watching the TV and the thing [is] nobody knew Fat Joe was walking in,” he recalled. “I felt everyone’s breath—like 500 dudes just banging on the wall, it was a lot. I had to be like, ‘Yo hold up, let me get right!’ [Laughs]. That was crazy.”

In late 2012, Joe confessed to not paying his taxes in 2007 and 2008, disregarding over $1 million in performances and royalty money. As a result, he was sentenced to four months in prison for tax evasion, given a $15,000 fine and a year of supervision. Last month, he was allowed “only a couple of hours” to visit his family during Thanksgiving.

Anxious to return to the recording studio, Joe is already prepping the first single he will release when he is out.

“My last day of captivity [will] be Christmas Eve and I already got this joint from producer StreetRunner that’s amazing,” he revealed. “It’s called “Free,” so look for that and I’m just spitting about everything I went through in there and the things I’m looking to do. It’s crazy, once I’m able to record it, [because] I’m not able to go to the studio yet so, soon as I’m able to touch that studio—I’m ready to go.”

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