First Listen: Anthony Collins’ Live 6-Hour Marathon Mix


Along with Francis (Adultnapper) Harris, French-American Anthony Collins is a co-founder of New York’s Scissor & Thread label. Collins, who often DJs with Harris as Frank & Tony, got turned on to music by his jazz loving dad in Los Angeles, and has since gone on to make sophisticated and funky tech house that earned him gigs at some of the top spots in the world, including Rex Club and Pacha Ibiza, often for hours on end. Says Collins, “I love playing very long sets; my longest went over 16 hours.”

Recently he played an all-night set at Treehouse Miami, which he is sharing in its 6-hour entirety exclusively through VIBE. “This set was recorded playing mostly Real VINYL with some cd’s peppered here and there. You will hear some records crackling and skipping leading to fucked up mixes & drastic volume changes, but all this for me only adds to the charm of the mix.” Elaborating Collins adds, “During a full night of music, changes in speed, rhythm and volume challenge your senses. When you listen for example to a perfectly Tracktor auto-synced DJ set after a certain point everything sounds the same no matter how good the music is and energy gets lost.” Rest assured, no energy is lost in the mix. But don’t take Anthony’s or our word for it. Hit play below and hear it for your self.