Floyd Mayweather Shades Manny Pacquiao In Christmas Card To The World

In Floyd Mayweather’s Christmas card to the world, there was no holiday cheer to be found for his archnemesis of forever, Manny Pacquiao. Though the two have yet to step into the squared circle, Money May continued to taunt Pacman by putting his lowlights on display.

So will a duel finally be a-coming in the new year? In a recent interview with FightHype.com, Floydy says nah. “I’m gonna give you two reasons the Pacquiao fight is not going to happen. Like I said before, I will never do business with (promotor) Bob Arum in life, but I don’t wish him nothing bad, and Pacquiao is Bob Arum’s fighter … And I want to see Manny Pacquiao’s real pay-per-view numbers.” he says, before calling out Pacquiao for his current situation with the I.R.S. “I don’t have problems like that because, you know, I got the right team.” While Mayweather Jr. has two bouts scheduled in May and September, it more than likely won’t be against Pacman.