Free Music: WallflowerFood Recordings Volume 1

It’s free music Friday this week thanks to the folks at WallflowerFood – a new feel-good label operating out of San Diego, CA – that have six original tracks for you on one debut mixtape highlighting four up-and coming artists with sounds ranging from nu disco and indie dance to deep house and future funk. Did you catch all that? Sometimes you just have to listen to get it. Peep it here, or head over to WallflowerFood’s facebook page for a free download.

The mixtape is just under 30 minutes of play, and it features the stylings of Dynamique, Kyle Winters, HiFadility, and Knuckle G.

WallflowerFood’s innovative approach to promoting the lesser-known genres under EDM’s ever-expanding umbrella, includes a positive apparel campaign, which aims to combat the “drugs, dubstep, and molly” trends that we’ve been gagging over at festivals recently, opting for feel good messages of positivity instead.

Make sure you check out one of their 30 curated playlists, featuring some of the greatest unheard music out there in the nu disco, indie dance, and deep house scene. We especially love the playlist sorter. Keep your eyes on these guys if you’re a true indie fan, and look to VIBE for more exclusives in the weeks to come.