Gentlemen’s Corner: Damien Lemon Dishes on Celebs Breaking ‘Guy Code’ and What Women Should Know About Men


Damien Lemon Guy Code

What would you say to women who ask why they should watch the show?

It gives you insight on the opposite sex and women really want that.  They try to figure out what we’re thinking and for the most part, we don’t speak in riddles; we are pretty straight forward. Women try to look at it for what it is and it just gives you the insight for things you don’t have the courage to think or ask. Honestly, the approach is don’t try to be funny. Just be honest because you’re already funny by default.

Worst Scenario where you wish you had Guy Code advice?

When I was young, my older brother was dating this girl and he had a side chick.  I was young and his girl took me to Burger King and she sat me down and was like, “So is he dating anybody else?” It was like First 48 gave me something to eat and I was like,  “he’s dating such and such” and I was snitching. I could’ve used some more teaching.  It was a teachable moment.

Do you ever break any of your advice now?

Absolutely.  It’s easier to give advice than to take advice. You got to break it to speak on it.

What celebrities continuously break Guy Code?

You could say Kanye [West]. He’s his own worst enemy; he breaks Kanye code. He doesn’t let his work speak for itself. He’ll put out a dope piece of work and say some ridiculous shit. Also Simon [Cowell]; he’s wildin’. He took his best friend’s wife. Maybe they’ve got a different guy code overseas.

Photo Credit: Getty Images