Gentlemen’s Corner: Damien Lemon Dishes on Celebs Breaking ‘Guy Code’ and What Women Should Know About Men


Damien Lemon standup

Do you watch Girl Code?

I do watch it periodically. It’s a lot of funny women on that show; it gives you insight

The best piece of insight you gained?

I couldn’t even call it; it’s just some funny people on that show. The funniest is when Jamie Lee was talking about masturbation and she said it feels how pizza tastes. You never hear a female talking about that.

What are 5 things women should know about men that would make their lives easier?

Don’t over think a guy’s movements, but if you want to know,  just ask. Sometimes women get caught up.  Let a man take care of you;  it doesn’t make you any less of a woman. Be able to be vulnerable with a guy. Be cool; try to get into each other’s passions as opposed to high maintenance.  Bring other women to the bedroom. (Laughs) Nah.

Are you still with the same girl?  Would you say you’ve become wiser because of the show?

Yes and the thing about the show is it asks you the questions explicitly.  We’ll talk about jealousy and apologies because these are questions that will probably never come up with your boys.  It makes you articulate your thought and it helps to practice what you preach.

What next for you in the future and distant?

A lot more stand up.  I never stop.  There is going be a Guy Code/Girl Code college tour. I have a web series call The D Lemon In The Morning Show which is like a fake radio show. I would love to have a comedy special on HBO,  put out an album and write a movie. I just want to be known for being a great comedian, putting good shit out in the world and explore any opportunities that come from that.

Photo Credit: WireImage