Help Selita Ebanks Reach Kickstarter Goal For New Remodeling Show ‘Celebrity Grounds’ [Video]

Selita Ebanks

Selita Ebanks is beauty, brains, and business. In recent years, the supermodel has stepped off the runway and put on her acting heels to land a reoccurring role on The Real Husbands of Hollywood. Next year, she’ll pull double duty as executive producer and host of a new show, Celebrity Grounds.

“It is a make over show, if you think MTV Cribs meets Home Makeover with a splash of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,” she recently told The Breakfast Club. “I’m going to go up in all these celebrity houses–the celebrity will show us a space; their bathroom, kitchen, man cave they want to do over and Contractor Kizer is going to come in and take it to a-whole-nother level. At the same time, the celebrity has to be involved in somewhat of their reconstruction.”

The former Victoria’s Secret model has also started a Kickstarter campaign to raise 100K for the NBC show. “We already put in 900k of our own money and we could’ve went the traditional way and got backers, but the problem with that is you don’t own it anything. They take full control and you just become the face on TV and we want to own it.”

Quite the bold move for a newbie behind the scenes, but we love her enthusiasm and drive. Click here to help Selita reach her goal.

Press play to watch her backing video.