Hopsin Plans To Take One Year Hiatus And Move To Australia

A couple days ago, Hopsin sat down with DJ Skee to tell him why he wants to take a break from rap for a year and move to Australia to focus on personal issues. He explained to Skee:

“I know over the next five or six months I’ll be doing a world tour. Then after the world tour I want to take a break for a year and just live—and I’mma move to Australia and just find myself. And just live a—cater to my personal life more than the career side of everything. Cause it’s kinda stressful right now.”

Last month, the Funk Volume MC released his long-awaited album, Knock Madness, as the follow-up to his 2011 LP Raw. Watch Hopsin explain why exactly he wants to move to Australia in the video clip below. — Max Weinstein