How Beyonce Beat the Music Industry


Beyonce new album

We’ve all witnessed the song-and-dance before: artist releases a single, it plays on the radio for months, then the artist releases another. It’s a well-oiled machine. But move over music industry, there’s a new Queen in town.

Beyonce shocked the world on Friday (December 13) by releasing a full album exclusively on iTunes, complete with 14 new songs and 17 music videos, a visual album that shattered our expectations and managed to circumvent the behemoth that is the music industry.

Before this, we wondered what Beyonce was up to. She rocked the world with her Mrs. Carter tour and blew us all away at the Superbowl Halftime Show, but where was the album? Where was the single? Little did we know, Mrs. Knowles Carter had a trick up her sleeve that would not only shock her fans, but would totally revolutionize the music industry’s little formula. In the wake of Beyonce’s album, how will this move set a precedent for future artists?

When Beyonce Instagrammed a photo of Blue Ivy on her own terms, she also seemed poised to create music and further her artistic vision outside the bounds of the music industry’s influence. She’s more creative than any of her pop-star peers because she dares to rewrite the script and pave the road for others. So what does Beyonce’s checkmate against the industry mean for the future of music companies? Is it possible for other artists with Beyonce’s clout to follow her example?

What would happen if the likes of Katy Perry or Miley Cyrus decided to flout their labels and release music on their own terms? We think it could be a breath of fresh air for their music which, like much of pop music these days, tends to feel stagnant or overproduced. If Beyonce’s example were followed, it could possible burn a hole through the big totalitarian kingdoms that are music companies. Releasing music independently and without a formula presents many more opportunities for artists to explore their artistic vision, and gives fans a lot more to talk about, a lot more to obsess over. It could be the formula for instant success.

If nothing else, Beyonce’s new album and the circumstances surrounding its release proves how unique an artist she is. She constantly pushes the boundaries, now not only with her music and persona, but with her courage and ingenuity. There’s a reasons she’s the Queen Bey.

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