Ice-T To Launch New ‘Final Level’ Podcast

Ice-T is still moving on up from the rap world and the TV world to the podcast world. Starting Jan. 7 of the new year, Ice will pair with digital agency The Paragon Collective to launch his “Ice-T: Final Level” podcast with co-host Mick Benzo (of Sirius XM’s Zulu Beatz).

“Podcasting is a great next step for me and my guy. It’s an uncensored medium, and it’s a direct connection with my fans,” Ice-T said, according to AllHipHop. ”Mick Benzo and I can explore any topic we’re interested in without restrictions, from video games to philosophy to rap and rock. And I also don’t have to leave my crib.”

Ice and Benzo will produce two podcasts a month, featuring discussions about current affairs, special guest interviews and listener call ins. For the first episode, future listeners can expect to hear Ice talk about fans unable to differentiate Ice-T the rapper from his character or “Law & Order: SVU.”

To tune in to “Ice-T: Final Level,” hit up iTunes or his website on Jan. 7.

Photo Credit: Getty Images