If It Wasn’t For McDonald’s, R. Kelly May Not Have Written His Best Hits

R. Kelly’s dirty mind has made for some of the greatest baby-making records of all time. (You might even get pregnant upon pressing play.) For the first installment of Elliott Wilson’s #CRWN series, the Chicago-bred ladies’ man talked infusing comedy into his metaphors and making a “sexually classy” album with his recent release Black Panties.

He also reveals why McDonald’s has been (and continues to be) his happy place.

“Coming up me and momma would go to McDonald’s and have a danish and coffee together, which is the reason why i go to McDonald’s a lot. You guys don’t know. I’ve written a lot of the hits y’all love in the parking lot of a McDonald’s and I’ll tell you why because when I was so close to my mom when I was 16, we’d go into McDonald’s and talk about famous I’ma be, buy her houses and do all of this stuff for her … and we would split a coffee ’cause that was all we could afford. So she would take the coffee and drink it first but she had this cheap red lipstick and when she tasted it, her lipstick would be all around the thing but because I loved her so much, I would actually drink from it and I could taste the lipstick and the coffee. It’s crazy but I really loved and respected her cause she sing and I sing. Whenever I wanted to feel the spirit of her, my ass be there in a Lamborghini, just sitting at McDonald’s with a cup of coffee so I would get inspired seriously to write a lot of the songs that you guys hear today, even to this day, till I die.”

And there you have it, folks. If it wasn’t for the parking lot outside of the Haus Ronald McDonald Built, we might’ve never had 12 Play or the person sitting next to us. Watch part one where he talks about his love for Lady Gaga, making 362 songs for Black Panties and more above.