Interview: Niles Paul Discusses The Redskins, Cuffing Season And Catfish

The life of an NFL player isn’t a cakewalk. Punching in at 7 a.m. for a day of long practices, film review, treatment; and not clocking out until 4 a.m. everyday except for Tuesdays and game days. Yet, somehow Niles Paul finds time to lead a life that most 24-year-olds can relate to. We talked to the third year tight end about his dealings on the field for Washington, social media and found out he’s an expert on a season other than football.

Despite the team records, the NFC East is the most intriguing division in the league. How come it’s so competitive?

The NFC is a different brand of football and the NFC East has always been a more gritty division. Every game is tough, every game is a rivalry and [a game] you look forward to. It’s competitive whether the records indicate that or not.

Washington is pretty much done at this point in terms of the wildcard or division chase, so what are the goals for the team now?

Our team is looking to spoil some things for some people now and keep them out of the playoffs. We’re really a good team and now we want to show that we’re more talented than our record shows.

There have been two sides to RGIII this season. One where he throws for 300 yards in an overtime win and then instances when he doesn’t look “back.” Are there ever times when you’re holding your breath while he’s playing or are you OK with him taking risks?

I have full confidence in Robert. I see him in practice everyday and I can tell you he’s back. As the season has continued on, he’s shown that he’s still the same player he was before. A lot of magic happened last season that isn’t there this year. Fumbles were bouncing to us, our defense was scoring and it’s just like everything that could go wrong this season has gone wrong. That has a lot to do with the perception of how he’s doing, and he may look limited at times but trust me, he’s healthy.