Interview: Overwerk Can ‘Conquer’ Dance Music


Edmond Huszar may tend to ‘OVERWERK’ from time to time, but his hard efforts produces results. The Canadian-based producer dishes out one of the most unique and hard-hitting sets in the dance music biz, as seen in his new EP ‘Conquer’ (available for a free download here) that dominates the sound waves with its well-choreographed synth melodies and perfectly placed bass electronic elements. VIBE sat with the rising producer for an in-depth discussion about his process, inspiration and more.

VIBE: Let’s first start out with the origins of OVERWERK. What drew you to electronic dance music in the first place and how did you become a producer?
Overwerk: When I started to really appreciate music I was listening to a lot of rock and metal music. I would also just sift through random records to discover artists from the past. I was always drawn to the synth elements and sounds, which eventually got me more into Euro/Dance & disco music.

It was in 2007 when I saw Daft Punk live in Toronto that I experienced a paradigm shift; I had never experienced anything like it. It was from then on that I knew electronic music was how I wanted to reach people.

You have a new EP out now called ‘Conquer.’ Listening to your work, there is something unique and complex in each track. First off, how long did it take you to produce this EP? Second, what was the story behind it?
It took me a couple months to produce the EP. To get down the main ideas, it took a few days per track, but then I spent the rest of the time with sound design, trying to make each track breathe and feel dynamic.

In my opinion, songs that can influence an emotional response from the listener are the best kind. The title “Conquer” is representative of how I want the music to make people feel. I wanted to create inspirational/motivational music, that pumps listeners up and gets them excited.

Are there any others producers out there you’re dying to do collaboration with these days? What about rappers?
I have some producer/artist friends that I highly respect and always talk with about collaborating. We always plan to work on something but the timing never works out. The problem with talented creative people is they always have a million things on the go. I don’t want to just squeeze out a track between projects; I want to make sure the song comes from an inspired place, when the timing is right.

Where are you taking this brand new sound? Any big tours or shows coming up?
Currently in the process of signing with booking agencies for both North/South America and Europe. I try to make sure I have time at my studio to produce but I know there will lots of international events in 2014.

Who and where are you planning to kiss when the ball drops this New Year’s Eve? What will be your resolution?
I’m going to kiss my girlfriend! – I’m not sure where yet. I’m the type of person who doesn’t plan things until 5 hours before they happen. I’m sure some trip will be arranged closer to the date. I want to go somewhere tropical though, these Canadian winters are rough, I feel like I haven’t seen the sun in a couple weeks.

What’s one surprise you hope to receive this holiday season? What’s one surprising fact fans might not know about you?
A surprise I’d hope to receive? I’d hope to receive lots of time friends and family. Spending time with the people you care about is the best part of the holidays (in my opinion).

A surprising fact fans might not know is I have 250 songs in my iTunes that I’ve never released as an artist. I was also in a duo that released around 40 songs before I became OVERWERK.